Our secrets are illuminated by the tail lights of passing cars...we steal a bit more of each other.
We sat there dreaming of willows, and other such things.

Reeds and willows fill the air.

My head is humbled by mollusk eyes, I now become that which we have abandoned.

We used to dream together.
Waiting till morning...listen...listen...

There was some grandeur here but it has been lost now in the dim light.

There are sometimes multitudes riding on a spark.

Crying on top of mountains, crying on top of buttons.

And tell me, are we on this train riding along to those places unknown, tell me, are we these things left unsaid, are we the crumbs fallen into the cracks, streaming along torn grooves in the concrete sidewalks, the oil stain art deco display when the rain starts to flow, but tell me, are we those things we believe, those things that we look up to see floating in the air as we watch our breath, are we what we hoped, and tell me, are we we, is there a you and me anymore, are we branches intertwined, are we loose strands of twine that just need some more time, tell me, tell me what your smile has already shown, tell me what your head tilted down spelled out moments ago, are we just spinning in this disco ball holding onto the rail, are we the ones running the show, tell me.

She entered as a little girl, she left as the Divine Erato.

Come again evening shade, said the tulip.

Even my breath was broken by her subtlety, her soin librement shattered my red dream. I awoke to see her playing quietly. She is the edge of a shadow.